Why “Durable by Network” Isn’t Truly Durable

Clustrix Webinar: Durable by Network

What is durability? Why does durability matter? Watch this lightning talk on durability and the vulnerabilities you expose your business to if your application is not durable. This talk was inspired by the breakout session “Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora” at AWS re:Invent. We were surprised to learn that in certain situations Aurora RDS is only durable by network. We wanted to give you a quick dive into the importance of durability and the compromises Aurora is making by being durable by network only. Not being truly durable means critical application data can be lost, valuable transactions might need to be rolled-back, and reconciliation will need to be made to confirm the database actually holds the data the application thinks it does. Tune in for the basics.

Things you will learn:

  • What durability means
  • The difference between durability by disk and durability by network
  • Why durability matters
  • Do I need to care about durability?


About the Presenter:

Dave Anselmi is Director of Product Management at Clustrix and brings over 18 years of product management, integration, and project management experience in database technology and e-commerce.

He’s very excited to be at the forefront of pushing the limits of linear scale-out ACID-compliant relational database technology with our clustered database, ClustrixDB.