Modern Data


Modern Data in a Scaleable, ACID-compliant, Distributed RDBMS

Modern Data without Sacrificing Scalability or ACID

ClustrixDB handles sophisticated, modern data such as semi-structured data, fractional-second events, and generated columns while simultaneously delivering the ClustrixDB advantages of performance, scalability without sharding or replication, and ACID compliance. ClustrixDB is for high-value, high-volume OLTP applications that need the scalability of a distributed database without sacrificing availability or data integrity ― applications such as mobile, e-commerce, social, SaaS, gaming and ad tech. With ClustrixDB developers who want to innovate do not have to choose between an RDBMS that has these features but does not scale well and a NoSQL database that has to relax availability and consistency in order to scale

JSON for Schema-less and Semi-structured Modern Data

ClustrixDB supports a native JSON data type and functions for parsing modern data and indexes to support JSON queries. Your JSON data can now be joined with your transactional data while maintaining:

  • High scalability without replication or sharding
  • Full ACID compliance without relaxing availability or consistency

With ClustrixDB’s ability to natively store and access JSON data, application developers can:

  • Perform SQL queries based on the content within JSON data or documents   
  • Get the high throughput of a NoSQL database without sacrificing ACID

When working with JSON most application developers have had to choose between:

  • An RDBMS that supports JSON but doesn't scale
  • A NoSQL database that scales, but must relax availability and consistency 

With ClustrixDB, you don't have to choose.

Fractional Record and Event Timestamps for Microsecond Event Modern Data

In today's world of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, capturing events are a critical component of mobile, SaaS, gaming, and ad tech applications.

ClustrixDB supports microsecond event modern data, storing dates and times with precision up to the microsecond.  

This enables applications to maintain the critical timestamp granularity and time-series data needed for “event-based applications”.


  • Keeps track of events up to 1 millionth of a second
  • Each event is stored as a record

This makes it possible for developers creating modern data applications that need to capture fractional-second events with microsecond precision to also get:

Generated Columns for Commonly Calculated Values

ClustrixDB supports generated columns for calculated columns that can be virtual (calculated on the fly) or stored and indexed. Application developers working with modern data get the advantages of a distributed RDBMS without repeating business logic in multiple places.

When combined with ClustrixDB JSON support, developers can dynamically create indexes within JSON documents for better search and query performance.

Columns values can be generated from other columns by defining expressions at the table level. Queries on generated columns automatically get the right value, every time. Changes to application logic can be reduced and commonly used values can be indexed for fast retrieval. The result:

  • Easier application development
  • Clearer database models - even for modern data
  • Accurate query results from baked in application logic


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