ClustrixDB provides the scale, speed, and uptime needed for gaming

Gaming is where you find the high-energy, highly demanding customer. Their games must be running fast, smooth, and glitch-free… else they unleash a typhoon on social media.

Your gaming servers must be robust, well-provisioned, and ready to handle surges of demand. And whereas you can easily provision new application servers to handle demand, in the end those app servers need to connect to the database which ensures all the players are ‘playing by the rules.’ Your games will live or die by the speed and robustness of your underlying database.


Gaming is all about surges. Whether it’s a new Release, a new update, new content pack, or just the difference between week and weekend, usage patterns on gaming servers can spike greatly. ClustrixDB adds additional read and write scale with each additional server. Provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and s$ave during the times you don’t!

    High Speed

ClustrixDB is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of database transactions a second. This is critical when you have thousands of gamers all fighting, raiding, competing, and otherwise all going for a limited goal, weapon, or target. Real-time performance is critical; you don’t want your users to complain about lag.

    Very High Connection Count

ClustrixDB excels at multiple simultaneous transactions, exactly what a gaming site needs when multiple players are all competing on the same server. The last thing you need is for gamers to be ‘unable to connect to server’, or worse – not be able to see their results on the Leaderboard

    Drop-In MySQL compatibility

Chances are your games run on MySQL. Avoid the need to replatform to an expensively-licensed huge database, and get the performance you need using your same MySQL application (workload), on a much faster database than MySQL