Tech Talk Series, Part 3: Scaling Up & Down


Many web businesses enjoy a spike in traffic at some point in the year. Whether its Black Friday, the NFL draft day, or Mother’s Day, your app needs to be able to scale and capture customer value when it is most needed. Downtime is not an option.

For the database, that means having enough capacity to ensure transaction latency stays within acceptable limits. For high capacity apps using MySQL, this can mean you may need to deploy triple the normal capacity usage to sustain traffic for one day. So what do you do with that hardware for the rest of the year? Do you leave it idling? Your CFO has probably challenged you to say no to that spend, especially if you are using a cloud service like Amazon, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. That unused capacity is costing you an arm and a leg, and wasted expenses make CFOs grumpy.

Yet, we argue they are necessary, because largely that has been a simple fact. While there are some strategies to rollback MySQL capacity, they are incredibly complex and involve downtime. So, no one ever does it.

But we’ve blown a big hole in that argument. In fact, there is a way to harness the promise of cloud-bursting at the data layer. It is one of the reasons we built ClustrixDB—to offer a drop-in distributed computing replacement for MySQL. With our patented Rebalancer that lets you add or delete nodes and automatically re-distribute data, ClustrixDB may be the silver bullet to your elastically scaling MySQL problem.

To find out, join us for this webinar where we will discuss the following questions:

  • What options are there to scale down MySQL?
  • How do I figure out the costs of not scaling down?
  • How does ClustrixDB scale-down differently than MySQL?
  • How real is elastically scaling in ClustrixDB? What are the catches?

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About the Presenter

Dave Anselmi is Director of Product Management at Clustrix and brings over 18 years of product management, integration, and project management experience in database technology and e-commerce.

He’s very excited to be at the forefront of pushing the limits of linear scale-out ACID-compliant relational database technology with our clustered database, ClustrixDB.