Benchmark Showdown: Which Relational Database is the Fastest on AWS?

Do you have a high-value, high-throughput application running on AWS? Are you moving part or all of your infrastructure to AWS? Do you have a high-transaction workload that is only expected to grow as your company grows? Choosing the right database for your move to AWS can make you a hero or a goat. Be a hero!

Databases are the mission-critical lifeline of most businesses. For years MySQL has been the easy choice — but the popularity of the cloud and new products like Aurora, RDS MySQL and ClustrixDB have given customers choices and options that can help them work smarter and more efficiently.

In this webinar, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) presents their findings from a recent performance benchmark test configured for high-transaction, low-latency AWS workloads.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How high-transaction, high-value database workloads perform when run on three popular databases solutions running on AWS.
  • How key metrics like transactions per second (tps) and database response time (latency) can affect performance and customer satisfaction.
  • How the ability to scale both database reads and writes is the key to unlocking performance on AWS

Who should watch?

  • People involved in the migration of high-transaction, high-value workloads to AWS People with high database workloads that are considering alternatives to MySQL like RDS Aurora.
  • Companies that depend on MySQL or Aurora and are aware that their workloads are overwhelming their database.
  • Businesses that have implemented Read Slaves, Multiple Masters or Sharding and you are looking for a simpler, more reliable solution that is easier and less costly to maintain.

About ESG

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