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Profitably Attracting, Converting and Retaining E-commerce Customers is the Goal

Today’s customers love shopping online, and if you have the right product and solution offerings, the growth potential of your e-commerce business is huge. The biggest competitive advantage you have, as more and more entrepreneurs move towards online sales, is the customer experience once they come to your website. Your customers want a fast and responsive website, an inventory that is easily searched and accurate, and a reliable and secure purchasing experience.

E-commerce is Growing

Total retail e-commerce sales is readily reaching and exceeding $23m worldwide — the e-commerce growth rate may be slowing, but is not about to fade. It is extremely important to choose the right strategy and methods to rank better than your competitor in every possible way. Attracting new potential consumers, converting them into paying customers and keep them coming back is all about their experience on your site once they find you. They have many options and choices.

Online Shopping is Increasingly Preferred

  • 70% of US adult declaring that they shop online at least once a month,
  • 51% of Americans prefer online shopping

Online Shopping Continues to Grow

  • Retail e-commerce should reach more than $23m worldwide in 2017
  • Global e-commerce market will reach $523 billion by 2020

An E-commerce Database Requires Performance

Some online retailers face growth challenges because their technology is limiting them. Retailers wanting to achieve growth must build their business on a good technology foundation with the right shopping cart , inventory management, email, CRM, and analytics solutions.

The database is at the heart of all of this, storing all customer and product information. The database must drive searches, present available inventory and assure reliable purchases. Maximizing profitability requires that the database scales up and down based on demand, sales and seasonal peaks and valleys. Otherwise you could see abandoned shopping carts, lost sales, and frustrated customers. For your e-commerce site to succeed, it's database must:

  • Scale up and down on-demand
  • Fully commit every transactions
  • Synchronize between multiple, concurrent cars
  • Process millisecond reads and writes
  • Allow catalog updates without downtime


E-commerce Database Solution

To keep customers happy and meet demand, an e-commerce database is an OLTP database that linearly scales inventory reads and purchase writes. The right database for e-commerce applications elastically scales on demand to meet changes in volume without requiring application rewrite or database redesigns. An e-commerce database needs to process transactions reliably, while maintaining consistency between different carts and users.

The long-term growth of an e-commerce business depends on:

  • Elastic Scale – flex-out, flex-in as demand requires
  • High-speed – 100,000s of transactions per second
  • ACID compliance – ensured transactional integrity and consistency
  • Fault tolerance – resiliency regardless of number nodes
  • Unrestricted scalability – linearly scale reads and writes
  • Minimal ongoing administration - to not distract resources from the e-commerce site and application itself

ClustrixDB Meets the Needs of an E-commerce Database

ClustrixDB is an OLTP database that was built for high-value, high-volume workloads. ClustrixDB boasts built-in fault tolerance which means that your critical customer and inventory data is automatically replicated within the database — your data stays available with no loss even in the face of disk or server failure. ClustrixDB was the first MySQL replacement database to elastically scale reads and writes with a click of a button.

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As your e-commerce business grows, you’ll need more capacity but will still see seasonal or weekly spikes. ClustrixDB automatically adds additional read and write scale with each sever you add. You can provision only the servers you need, when you need them, and save during the times you don’t. Clustrix delivers unlimited linear scalability to keep your customers happy while keeping your costs done when business slows.



Clustrix is an OLTP database so every customer always gets the correct, most recent data. Like true OLTP databases ClustrixDB is relational, giving developers the flexibility to use joins in their queries. ClustrixDB supports a large number of short on-line transactions that need fast query processing with maintaining data integrity in multi-access environments. ClustrixDB delivers high TPS with low latency and high concurrency.

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Even though ClustrixDB is a distributed database, your
e-commerce application still gets the advantages of SQL syntax with those of a RDBMS such as foreign keys and triggers to assure data integrity — without developer intervention. CustrixDB guarantees transactionality, ensuring resources are not over-allocated between competing customers. As an ACID compliant database, ClustrixDB provides easy and consistent backups.

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Many of the most popular e-commerce sites were built from the ground up, and as a result they started with MySQL, which does the job for a while, but eventually MySQL hits a wall if you need to scale. With ClustrixDB you will never have to shard or replicate to scale. It drops in and there is no need to rewrite your applications, redesign data structures or replatform to an expensive database to get performance and low administration.

"Clustrix support is excellent—frank, open and helpful. There’s always a fast response when it’s needed. Their help in fine-tuning database queries is a huge benefit.”

- Director of Technical Operations 

‘Right Size’ Your Platform to Customer Demand—All Year Long

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