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Serving production workloads since 2010, the largest Clustrix customers have datasets with billions of rows, multiple terabytes of data, and very high transaction rates.

Finally, a cloud database you can bet your business on. Dive into our case studies below for more details.




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"ClustrixDB is a holy grail of sorts in database solutions. Its ability to scale out was something we couldn’t achieve with MySQL without enormous expense and technical challenges.”

– David Smith, CTO, Viverae

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"With ClustrixDB, we have not run into scaling issues anymore. As we need capacity, we just add nodes and see linear growth. We have seamlessly gone from a 3-node cluster to a 21-node cluster.”

–Nicolas Van Eenaeme, CIO of Twoo’s parent company Massive Media

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"Over the last year we’ve seen significantly better performance and our December service incidents were reduced by 89% year-on-year.”

- Graham Hobson, CTO, Photobox

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AOL serves 65 million+ web pages a day. With their Clustrix deployment, each data center now has a scalable, fault-tolerant database that can grow with the data set and increasing load. All servers attach to the same databases and always see a consistent view of the data. As a Clustrix customer, AOL greatly expanded the HSS deployment throughout the company and consolidated servers, saving both money and time.

iOffer is a rich e-commerce platform with bidding features that requires rich analytics. iOffer went in search of a system that would solve their performance issues and wanted to avoid sharding at all costs. Along with other Clustrix customers, iOffer switched to ClustrixDB and hasn’t looked back since.

MakeMyTrip is India’s leading travel site and is running two multi-master ClustrixDB clusters in two regions. MakeMyTrip frequently experiences 50% spikes in traffic and migrated to ClustrixDB to address seasonal scalability issues to improve customers’ online experience. Thanks to our Flex Feature, MakeMyTrip doesn’t pay for capacity they don’t need, charting significant cost savings.

Among its numerous online properties, Rakuten Inc.’s B2B2C e-commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. Rakuten adopted Clustrix to dramatically reduce database management spending. By consolidating their MySQL databases onto a private cloud DBaaS powered by Clustrix, Rakuten gained performance and scale for their applications and simplified operations.

Stitchlabs is a San Francisco based startup that allows product companies to manage their inventories across different e-commerce channels such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, and others. ClustrixDB allows Stitchlabs to grow and scale without doing any database work or sharding. Faster reports and real-time analytics helps Stitchlab optimize their business for their customers.

Viverae is a workplace wellness program provider that offers configurable health management solutions. Dramatic customer growth and high volume data streaming led Viverae to move their production workload from MySQL to ClustrixDB to avoid performance issues. As have other Clustrix customers, they achieved horizontal scale with high availability and allowing them to  increase time spent implementing user functionality to their app.

BookMyShow allows is an online store that allows users to search, choose, and book movie and theatre tickets online. The “Fandango of India” migrated to ClustrixDB to scale beyond MySQL without having to re-design the application to use replication, or sharding.

A division of Match.com, Twoo.com is Europe’s leading dating site, with the largest scale-out SQL deployment in the world at 336 cores. As they have grown to tens of millions of users, ClustrixDB has allowed them to scale linearly from 3 nodes to a 21-node master with no database work.

Nielsen Holdings PLC is a global information, data, and measurement company. Nielsen ingests tremendous amounts of data while serving the online transactional processing (OLTP) needs of their data management platform, billing systems, BI/ analytics, and development teams. This highly concurrent and write-heavy workload regularly exceeded MySQL’s single-server design, until they switched to ClustrixDB.

MedExpert is a medical decision support company serving more than 4.5 million clients in government, labor unions, private corporations, and school systems. MedExpert’s Individual Medical Decision System needed to be able scale to 100 million+ users for Medicare expansion. Moving from Microsoft SQL Server to ClustrixDB allowed them to scale and prepare for further growth.

Europe's leading social discovery site.

With over 30 million users, Twoo runs the world's largest scale-out SQL deployment, with 4.4 billion transactions a day--without a DBA.

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Cutting-edge SaaS platform for Facebook

With ClustrixDB, ShortStack can grow without downtime, and without any intervention can stay available through hardware failures and heal itself by regenerating copies of lost data automatically after a failure.

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Leader in Job Search

Ladders chose ClustrixDB to eliminate several problems, including the need to shard, single point of failure, single box memory limit, and write bottlenecks.

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Europe's leading online photo service.

With ClustrixDB, Photobox no longer needed to worry about database performance or capacity during spikes in traffic over the holiday season.

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India's leading online travel company.

By using ClustrixDB, MakeMyTrip can now handle seasonal spikes smoothly without issue and with faster transaction execution.

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High volume workplace wellness SaaS application.

Clustrix provides Viverae's high volume SaaS application with effortless horizontal scale and high availability.

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Online marketplace.

With ClustrixDB, iOffer remains focused on scaling and growing their business instead of fighting complicated database scaling challenges.

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