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Serving production workloads since 2010, the largest Clustrix customers have datasets with billions of rows, multiple terabytes of data, and very high transaction rates.

Finally, a cloud database you can bet your business on. Dive into our case studies below for more details.




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"ClustrixDB is a holy grail of sorts in database solutions. Its ability to scale out was something we couldn’t achieve with MySQL without enormous expense and technical challenges.”

– David Smith, CTO, Viverae

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"With ClustrixDB, we have not run into scaling issues anymore. As we need capacity, we just add nodes and see linear growth. We have seamlessly gone from a 3-node cluster to a 21-node cluster.”

–Nicolas Van Eenaeme, CIO of Twoo’s parent company

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"Clustrix enables us to ingest, model, validate and distribute audience data at rates unparalleled in the industry.

- Brent Keator, VP of Infrastructure at eXelate, a Nielsen Company

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Europe's leading social discovery site.

With over 30 million users, Match.com runs the world's largest scale-out SQL deployment, with 4.4 billion transactions a day —without a DBA.

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Cutting-edge SaaS platform for Facebook

With ClustrixDB, ShortStack can grow without downtime, and without any intervention can stay available through hardware failures and heal itself by regenerating copies of lost data automatically after a failure.

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High volume workplace wellness SaaS application.

Clustrix provides Viverae's high volume SaaS application with effortless horizontal scale and high availability.

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