Webinar: The End of the One Size Fits All Database Era

Pop quiz: What does ‘NoSQL’ stand for?

Hint: It doesn’t mean non-SQL or non-ACID compliant.

Just five years ago, almost every company looking to manage data turned to traditional RDBMS. But with the wave of emerging Web 2.0 companies, and an evolution in consumer expectations that means apps need to be faster and smarter than ever before, traditional data management tactics no longer make the cut.

More and more, companies are managing data with databases designed specifically for ‘new era’ applications, use cases and workloads. This database movement is popularly referred to as ‘NoSQL’—but what this term actually means has people confused.

NoSQL stands for ‘Not Only’ SQL, and in that context, can include a wide variety of databases. Some, in fact, do forego SQL altogether and present an extremely simple, but limited set of capabilities. Others, like graph databases, focus on very specific use cases. And a category called NewSQL is being driven by the next generation of scale-out SQL databases.

To get a better understanding of the new era of databases, we invite you to attend our free webinar on ‘Beyond Classic RDBMS: The End of the One Size Fits All Database Era.’

In this webinar, Clustrix CMO Mark Sarbiewski and Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Principal Analyst Evan Quinn will discuss new database era use cases, viable database options and which key features make a certain databases a worthwhile investment.

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