Top-Notch Website Performance is a MUST

If there is one certainty that contemporary online merchants can rely upon it’s that customers love shopping online. In fact, US online sales are forecasted to be $334 billion in 2015 with 69% of US adults participating (Forrester, Inc).

But no matter how big the market opportunity becomes, online retailers that can’t provide customers with top-notch website experiences will not be able to take advantage of the accelerating boom. Rackspace, a Clustrix partner, makes this point clear in a recent blog – large Internet retailers may forfeit up to $31 million annually due to frustrations customers experience in using the website.

Most frustrations on e-commerce sites are delays in page load times; shopping cart issues, and browser freezes. In many cases, the fault lies in the MySQL database that sits underneath the website. MySQL was designed to run on only a single server and its performance suffers greatly when capacity overwhelms the hardware. Online merchants relying on a legacy MySQL database can only scale capacity as high as a single server box allows or use workarounds that result in new fragilities, more administration and higher costs.

Online merchants work hard to offer great product selection, a beautiful site, attractive prices, and terrific sales support. Having put in all of that work to grow their sales, losing customers because the site isn’t performing as expected would be a crying shame.