Three Features You Need in Your Database

Whether you’ve made the decision to launch an e-commerce platform in the future or you’re figuring out if your current configuration needs a facelift, choosing the database that will power your site is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. After all, the database is sort of the brain of your e-commerce site, analyzing and processing transactions as quickly as possible; as such, a strong database will provide a firm foundation for your platform.

As you begin looking for database solutions, you’ll find there’s no shortage of options at your disposal. At Clustrix, we believe that you should look for databases that are:

ACID-compliant. In order to create as seamless a customer experience as possible, you need a database that can guarantee atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) during each transaction. Databases that are ACID-compliant will ensure that database transactions get completed correctly, meaning that your customers get what they ordered, and the correct availability of all your products is displayed on your site.

Highly Available. Your customers won’t be able to buy anything from your site if your database and systems are down. In addition to the substantial loss of revenue opportunities that occur in such situations, your customers will likely be pretty frustrated at their experience with your brand. Since that’s the case, look for databases that provide high availability. This means that your e-commerce database will still function fine even if one of your servers goes down. And so you’re both ensuring a positive customer experience while generating income—a win-win situation.

Scalable. MySQL databases can handle a lot of traffic. But such databases will undoubtedly reach a breaking point sooner or later. Specifically, MySQL can only ‘scale-up’, so at some point the cost of that single ‘high-horsepower’ master server will become prohibitive. So rather than letting your e-commerce platform crash into a wall eventually, you should consider leveraging a horizontally scalable cloud database. Such databases can easily expand to accommodate influxes of traffic.

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