Thirst for E-commerce Data Fuels Real-time Analytics Demand

You can’t turn around in the e-commerce space without someone mentioning Big Data. Indeed, having access to scores of information about your customers, emerging trends and buying patterns can be a key competitive advantage that promises real business benefits to companies of all sizes. But how can companies get to the point where they can use real-time analytics to further grow their business?

Picture this: A retailer is looking to structure a series of promotions surrounding the launch of a new line of clothing both in its retail stores and online. The catch: They want people returning to their site over the course of the launch to “discover” new items and tell their friends, thus continuing to build the hype. Based on previous launches, this sale could attract millions of shoppers. They’re not necessarily worried about scale, as they’ve already prepared well for that by embracing a NewSQL database approach. The NewSQL server will allow them to scale quickly as customer and transaction volumes grow.

The problem: Which items are launched next in the series depends on what the hot products from the initial launch turn out to be. For example, if a blue dress is a top seller, it makes no sense to include the fuchsia sandals and green necklace in the next round. How can the retailer respond quickly to customer demand with the right items at the right time?

NewSQL databases such as ClustrixDB are able to perform real-time analytics on the transactional data concurrently, quickly providing the specific information the retailer needs to make its next move. In many cases, such as the one above, next-day analytics or those delivered in a few hours just don’t let the company respond the way it needs to in this highly competitive market.

ClustrixDB allows online retailers to monetize their most important e-commerce data when it’s most valuable: in real time. Analytics are run on live operational data without moving it into another system, which creates redundant databases. Learn more about how ClustrixDB empowers your company to run ad hoc queries and reports on your most valuable data, current up to the second, while the database is ingesting high-volume data.