TheWay Holdings – Online Affiliate Tracking Network Chooses ClustrixDB


TheWay Holdings chooses ClustrixDB for Afftrack

Afftrack, an affiliate network tracking platform, is an application currently used within the company and it is anticipated for high growth starting in February, when the application will be available in SaaS form to the public. Afftrack chose ClustrixDB because of their need for continuous availability, scale, and real-time analytics.

 “Prior to evaluating Clustrix, we evaluated several other solutions that were available on the market to achieve our high availability goals. We tested each solution with our application in a production environment, and each failed our expectations. With the other solutions we had to trade off features to get what we needed. Clustrix did the opposite, we didn”t have to sacrifice any features, rewrite our application. It just worked.”

Thomas Dietzel, Founder and CEO

The Application

Affiliate networks bridge the gap between advertisers and publishing channels. These networks match up advertisers and marketers who in turn represent commercial retailers. In Afftrack every impression served to a consumer is stored as well as their resulting clicks and sales.  They also store information about users whether using cookies or in an alternate method of tracking. The conversions/sales from these served ads are tracked and correlated with impressions and clicks for insight into what is most successful.

Every click is checked against the database in real-time against multiple tables of data including hostnames, existing clicks, duplicates, known proxies and various other anti-fraud metrics.  The system provides real time access to all parties using it of up to the second stats on how the inbound web traffic is converting into sales or prospects.

Why ClustrixDB?

Before selecting ClustrixDB, TheWay considered MySQL Cluster, Galera cluster and MemSQL. Through their evaluation process, TheWay found that no other solution provided the required scaling, continuous availability and real-time analytics with flexible joins. ClustrixDB was able to provide scale and availability without giving up on any feature that TheWay required to meet their growth plans.

TheWay moved from MemSQL to ClustrixDB primarily due to challenges they casino encountered when attempting to perform complex real-time analytics involving multiple joins between various tables. Due to the lack of flexible joins, they were limited to connecting tables using shard keys.  The schema had to be built anticipating all possible joins and there was no flexibility for including new joins in the future without rebuilding the table. The initial cost to set up the joins using shard keys was moderate but cost would have become a concern when growth accelerated due to commercializing the Afftrack SaaS product.

ClustrixDB Experience

TheWay Holdings is running ClustrixDB software (rpms) installed on their own servers, comprised of multiple dual 6-core machines with 96GB RAM and 200GB of  SSD storage. Their initial deployment is over a hundred cores.

Thomas said – “Converting was easy, it required no application changes. There were a few suggestions from Clustrix support for a couple of queries and adding some indexes. Otherwise the product has been pretty solid.”

We’re excited to have TheWay Holdings as our customer and look forward to a year of fast growth for them!