The Clustrix Support Experience

At Clustrix, our customers are our best advocates and we strive to keep it that way. As Vice President of Customer Operations, I am proud to lead our support team in these efforts by providing our clients with fast and comprehensive support.

As a Clustrix customer, you can expect a managed services-like offering in a standard support package.  You receive guidance on your architecture and design, help with query optimization, and the guarantee that your installation will always run in top shape. Our customers know that when they reach out, they’ll get a response from a support representative who understands both their business and their environment. We believe this commitment is an essential part of supporting a robust, game-changing technology like Clustrix.

We can provide this enterprise level of customer support because our support team has incredible insight into what’s happening at your installation, thanks to the many points of introspection included in our Clustrix solution.

If you haven’t seen our UI, which hooks into these capabilities, check it out.

No matter what infrastructures and applications you’re running—whether it’s Ruby on Rails, Java, or PHP—our support team has the expertise to help you find success.

We’re here 7×24 and it’s easy to get in touch with us. Visit our support forum or send an email. We regularly solicit feedback from our customers on our product and operation and we incorporate that feedback into our product and development cycles. We also proactively monitor geographically distributed customer installations clusters across Europe, Asia, and North America, so we’re often aware of when you may need assistance before you are.