Stop Praying for Performance and Ensure it Instead

E-Commerce Site Performance

If your e-commerce site has experienced rapid growth over the past several months, you likely owe your success to a few critical factors:

  • You sell a product or service that is in high demand
  • Your product or service stands out from others in your industry
  • Your website is easy to use and provides a top-notch customer experience

As long as you keep your business practices consistent, the first two factors on that list aren’t likely to change anytime soon; but as you are probably already aware, if you are not careful, the third almost certainly will. In fact, if your site is experiencing rapid growth, you may already be concerned that a site slowdown or crash is imminent. So every time you see your visitor numbers increase, you simply cross your fingers and hope your site can handle the traffic.

Rather than praying that your e-commerce site performance continues to provide users with a satisfactory experience, why not future-proof it with a cloud database specifically designed to handle large traffic spikes? ClustrixDB 6.0, for example, can support hundreds of thousands of customers per hour and more than 2,000 active sessions. The cloud database is built upon a scale-out architecture that allows you to easily flex capacity up or down based on need while maintaining ACID compliance.

You’ve worked hard to create a quality product or service and cultivate a customer base, so don’t let avoidable website performance issues become a pothole on your road to continued success. After all, you left nothing to chance when you were building your business from the ground up—why take risks with website performance now?

If you find yourself praying that your e-commerce site can handle your ever-increasing traffic load, see what’s new at Clustrix to help you scale seamlessly.