A Slow Summer? It Might Be Time to Look at Your E-Commerce Platform

For many organizations, summer is the perfect time to reassess your business needs. While customers are on vacation and website traffic is generally slower,  e-commerce retailers should take the opportunity to ensure they’re ready for the Winter Rush. And most importantly, it’s really true that e-commerce platforms left unattended can wilt from a lack of maintenance.

So, before the busyness of a new school year begins, e-commerce retailers should ask themselves three questions:

When was the last time you updated your website or e-commerce platform? You might think that once you’ve invested money in a website design, your work is done for the foreseeable future. But, in fact, it’s in your best interest to redesign your website every two or three years. Technology becomes outdated quickly, and customers appreciate an attractive, modern design. Websites that were sleek two years ago might look like a ‘blast from the past today’… and ‘oldie but a goodie’ is not the way to attract e-commerce customers. So with that in mind, summer is the perfect time to start the conversation about a website facelift.

Can your database handle heavy volumes of traffic? If your e-commerce platform isn’t ready to handle a large influx of traffic, then the technology that powers your database is outdated. Chances are you’ve noticed that your MySQL performance isn’t up to par when handling very large loads. But fear not. By leveraging the power of a NewSQL cloud database, your e-commerce platform can handle however much traffic is thrown its way!

Is your website platform optimized for mobile? Today’s customers expect a seamless experience when they shift from screen to screen, desktop to phone to tablet and back. On top of that, industry experts believe that, by 2017, the total economic output of mobile commerce on a global level will rise to a staggering $3.1 trillion. If your website’s not optimized for mobile—and your database can’t handle the traffic a mobile-optimized website would generate—you will miss out on sales opportunities.