AWS Outage: Once Burned, Twice Shy – ShortStack for Facebook Switched from Heroku on AWS to Clustrix on Last Outage, Survived This One

“Once burned, twice shy” — and maybe you thought that was just the name of an old ABBA song— ShortStack is a cutting edge SaaS platform for Facebook that helps individuals and organizations publish rich and engaging Facebook apps, allowing anyone to run contests, promotions, sweepstakes and more.

For new social and mobile apps, developing on Heroku that runs on AWS is fast and cheap. Shortstack started there as well, but with success and hyper-scale they were outgrowing the Heroku environment and the Heroku Postgres database.

After the last AWS East outage, they decided to move their application and searched for a more scalable database with built-in fault-tolerance for high availability. They chose Clustrix on Bluebox with dedicated physical hardware for their database in the public cloud.

Check out their case study to see how social and mobile apps built on Heroku can follow the ShortStack path to avoid outages and to be able to scale quickly.