How the Quest for Scale Led Viverae to Clustrix, and Then Some

Scalability. One of the trendiest words in the tech world today but also one of the biggest issues any growing business faces. Whatever your application, if you are running your business on MySQL, you will inevitably hit a wall and develop performance issues if you do not have a scalable database.

Take our customer Viverae® for example. Viverae, a workplace wellness program provider has been on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the last five years due to astonishing growth. Viverae’s success led to a rapid expansion in both customer activity and data. While they hadn’t yet reached their limits with MySQL, their technology team felt it was best to take a proactive approach in finding a scalable database option because of the company’s expedited growth. Staying with MySQL meant they would have had to begin sharding which was considered too complex and costly. So, they explored more scalable database options.

ClustrixDB tested positively against all of Viverae’s requirements:

  • MySQL Drop-In Replacement: ClustrixDB is a scale-out database that is a drop-in replacement for MySQL.
  • Easy Scale: Unlike other MySQL replacement products, Clustrix scales both “reads” and “writes” in a near-linear fashion and is fault-tolerant.
  • Fault Tolerance: ClustrixDB is a high-availability solution. Even when faced with a node or drive failure, ClustrixDB and the application continues to function.
  • Backups: ClustrixDB allows for high-speed backups of the cluster.
  • Support: Clustrix has excellent sales and support teams that work with customers before and after the sale.

With no unscheduled downtime required, Viverae migrated its production workload from MySQL to a ClustrixDB cluster. They also moved all of their other operational environments to ClustrixDB which gives them high availability, horizontal scale, and eliminates performance issues.

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