The Perils of Replatforming: You Might Lose Your Data

Any successful e-commerce retailer that has built its website on a MySQL database will tell you the same thing: It doesn’t matter how good business appears to be; it’s only a matter of time before traffic spikes give your database more than it can handle. And when that happens, your customers will certainly notice as your website slows down and they are unable to make any purchases. Not only does such a scenario result in more dissatisfied customers, but it also hurts your business’ bottom line. In order to give their e-commerce platforms the support needed to handle ever-increasing traffic loads, some businesses decide to replatform their database. Such a migration involves switching from a MySQL implementation, for example, to an Oracle, SAP, or SQL-Server based solution, a process which will definitely hurt where it’s felt the most: your wallet.

The process is as painful as it sounds. For starters, it’s a huge undertaking, as most new platforms aren’t “drop-in compatible” with existing websites. This means that you risk compromising your data—or even losing it—as you migrate from one platform to another. In addition, your IT team will have to undergo extensive training to learn the ins and the outs of the new technology. And finally, your licensing becomes very complex and costly, as you pay a premium for each vendor’s server-license and its corresponding middleware.

It’s time for the good news: By deciding to deploy ClustrixDB, a scale out cloud database, you are able to rest comfortably knowing that your e-commerce website is able to handle whatever loads are thrown its way. ClustrixDB scales as your business grows, ensuring that your customers enjoy optimal e-commerce experiences each and every time they interact with your site.

And most importantly, ClustrixDB is ‘drop-in compatible’ with MySQL. Create a MySQL backup, do a fast parallel-import into ClustrixDB, point your e-commerce site at ClustrixDB, and you’re off and running… Ready to scale-up for peaks, and no need to replatform.

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