Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site Is About Looking Beyond Today

If you are an e-commerce business growing your earnings quarter after quarter, all probably seems right with the world. You’ve hit upon a formula for success that combines products that consumers need with prices they can afford. As you look toward the future there is hardly a ripple in the ocean of profitability you’ll be sailing on for years to come. But before you get too focused on the horizon, you should understand that just because your current database infrastructure is supporting your e-commerce site and offering customers top-notch performance today doesn’t mean that will still be the case six months or a year from now if your business keeps growing.

As your site becomes more popular and attracts more customers, your database must be able to seamlessly add compute capacity to handle the increased traffic. In addition to having to process a larger number of customers who visit your site daily, you can be sure that seasonal peaks like Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day will put even more stress on your e-commerce site as a large percentage of your new customers flock to check your inventory.

Unfortunately, if you are working with a legacy scale-up relational MySQL cloud database, handling increased traffic may become problematic faster than you realize. In such an architecture, once you’ve scaled up your write-master to the largest instance available, the only options for increasing capacity are extremely complex and expensive. A scale-out database, by comparison, allows you to add servers in your cloud database seamlessly so that customers never experience a lag on your e-commerce site no matter how big the traffic spike is.

Poor website performance can negatively impact your business in a myriad of ways, and it will cost businesses across the globe billions of dollars in 2015. So even if your scale-up cloud database is handling your current load, to avoid becoming another e-commerce site unable to handle growth, you need to start thinking about your future. With a horizontally scaled database, the future of your rapidly growing business is sure to be bright.