Nomorerack Achieves Another Record-Breaking Cyber Monday with ClustrixDB

Nomorerack Successfully Scales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday with ClustrixDB

Nomorerack, a top-100 e-commerce retailer running ClustrixDB, successfully flexed up for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Again. And achieved record-breaking sales! Again.

More details: Last year nomorerack increased their marketing impressions 20-fold, and expected a huge increase in sales. Clustrix helped them scale their e-commerce database with eight (8) more servers, and they were able to handle 3x the load (for a 2.33x increase in servers).

This year, nomorerack decided to target their marketing spend, aiming to maximize the ‘bang for their buck’ from what they learned last year. They estimated a similar 3-fold increase in load on their site.  With that analysis, they flexed up their ClustrixDB deployment from 8 to 18 servers, which easily handled their huge Cyber Monday peak. More importantly, they easily handled their 10% increase in sales over the same period last year, and with their more targeted marketing activities, achieved a 60% increase in NET revenue.

In short, nomorerack scaled their servers 2.25x, and reaped a huge dividend… They were able to ‘rest easy’ during Cyber Monday, while reaping enormous profits.

Not bad for a day’s work!