Mother’s Day Is Days Away… Is Your Site Ready?

Mother’s Day Shopping

Mother’s Day can be tricky for consumers. Many of us want to make sure we give our mothers a gift that shows our appreciation for all they do, but finding time to visit numerous brick-and-mortar stores to find the perfect present is difficult.

For many shoppers, e-commerce is a welcome solution to this problem, especially for the procrastinators among us. Online retail allows shoppers to wait until just before the special occasion to choose a gift—or even pick out a gift and have it delivered on the holiday itself. Consumers who struggle to find time to visit brick-and-mortar stories are contributing to a rise in e-commerce on Mother’s Day; in fact, recent research from IBISWorld estimates that 35 percent of all revenue generated for the holiday will be from online sales this year, up from 30 percent in 2014.

In an effort to capitalize on the last minute shopping crunch, many online retailers offer special promotions and sales. And like other popular shopping holidays, Mother’s Day represents a chance for e-commerce businesses to make a significant dent in their quarterly revenue goals. At the same time, increased traffic generated in the days around the celebration can cause major problems for e-commerce sites as well.

For businesses using a legacy database, like MySQL for example, handling holiday traffic spikes is challenging. These businesses essentially have to pray that the increase in traffic doesn’t approach their database’s maximum capacity. After all, scaling typically involves migrating to a larger server box, which is not a fast enough—or inexpensive—solution. As a result, oftentimes these online businesses will experience MySQL performance problems when traffic spikes.

Conversely, ClustrixDB, built specifically for e-commerce companies, allows these businesses to automatically add nodes—increasing capacity and throughput—in the cloud as special sales and promotions begin to garner more traffic. All servers perform full writes and reads, are completely synchronized and have ACID compliance. Furthermore, when Mother’s Day is over, these businesses can scale capacity back down so they do not have to pay for power they no longer need.

From Mother’s Day to Black Friday to Valentine’s Day, e-commerce businesses are always looking ahead, trying to carve out a path to holiday success. A highly scalable cloud database can be an important stop along the way.