Is Your Merchant’s Infrastructure Feeling Bloated After the Holidays?

Bloated After the Holidays? Scale Back Your Database Capacity.

E-commerce merchants must be ready for the holiday peak in demand. So, adding database capacity is a must. Now that the New Year is here, don’t you wish you could get back to your regular (database) size painlessly? If you’re running a legacy database like MySQL, you likely added that extra database capacity by moving to a larger server or sharding. Now you’re faced with living with that larger server or servers for the next twelve months or shedding that extra capacity the hard way – manually.

On the other hand, if you’re using ClustrixDB, the elastic relational database, you simply added more nodes to your database cluster for the peak season and can now, with the click of the mouse, remove them. The ClustrixDB software does all the work of rebalancing the data across the remaining nodes and, just like magic, your database capacity is just the size your want. Ahhh.

Now, if it was only that easy to shed those extra pounds around the waist . . .