Live Interview of Mike Azevedo, Clustrix CEO, by Robert Scoble

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble used the new Facebook Live to interview Clustrix CEO Mike Azevedo yesterday. One of only a handful early users of this new live format, Robert simultaneously interviewed Mike and entertained questions from the online Facebook audience. It made for a dynamic and energetic experience all around.

Here are some of the highlights, or you can scroll down to watch the full video:

Scoble: What’s Clustrix about?
Azevedo: ClustrixDB is a scale-out MySQL-compatible database designed for use in the datacenter or in the cloud. Clustrix is unique in that it can flex up when demand soars by adding commodity hardware. It is designed to be highly scalable, highly available for demanding business applications.

Scoble: Is Clustrix designed for companies with huge data needs?
Azevedo: Regardless of the size of your company, if business critical applications are part of your business, Clustrix provides a database solution that scales to your needs and provides the high availability solution that keeps your business running.

Traditional database products are designed to run on a single box. We provide a scalable, ACID compliant, high availability solution for businesses large and small that run in your datacenter or cloud and scale performance and availability as you add more nodes.

Scoble: If I were a CTO, would I go with MySQL? Oracle? NoSQL? Clustrix?
Azevedo: Clustrix is a relational, ACID compliant database and drop-in replacement for MySQL. We are designed for a very high volume of transactions and high concurrency. We are designed for the kind of transactions that have to be there fast and have to be complete. If you are an e-commerce site, a company managing implanted medical devices or a bank, you want an ACID compliant database like Clustrix because that is information you don’t want to lose.

Scoble: Is this the reason Rackspace is interested in Clustrix as we move to support customers in all different clouds like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.
Azevedo: Yes. Clustrix runs on all of those clouds. A lot of our customers are running in those clouds right now and they are flexing up with Clustrix to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many of our customers run at Rackspace and they love the phenomenal service that you provide.

Scoble: Does Clustrix have the reliability to run banks and financial institutions?
Azevedo: We do–we are an ACID compliant database. We provide the reliability and high availability to run critical applications. If you lose an instance in your datacenter or cloud, our database keeps running and your applications keep working. We provide better than five 9s of reliability to our customers.

Scoble: How does Clustrix compare to solutions like Amazon Aurora?
Azevedo: ClustrixDB is the only MySQL-compatible database that provides true linear scaling for both reads and writes. And we work in the datacenter or in any cloud.

Scoble: If I use MySQL, what do I need to know to migrate to Clustrix?
Azevedo: ClustrixDB is plug and play compatible with MySQL. During a Proof of Concept evaluation, a large technology customer tracked our MySQL compatibility at 98.7% over the thousands of databases they run around the world — were very impressed. Customers tell us that their applications do not need to be modified as they move from MySQL to ClustrixDB.

Question from Facebook poster John: What data types does Clustrix use? He uses Postgres and needs a scaling database solution.
Azevedo: Clustrix supports traditional SQL-data types.

Correction: During the interview Mike was asked about support for Blob formatted data. Clustrix supports all standard data types including Blobs (up to 64MB). For more information on supported data types, please vist our technical documentation.

Question from Facebook poster Frank: How do you provision for the peak?
Scoble: If you know that you are going to be on the Shark Tank on Friday, you had better be ready for 5000% more load.
Azevedo: Our customer Choxi, a daily deal e–tailer (formerly NoMoreRack out of New York) is a great example. Choxi calculates load based on marketing programs, seasonality and discounts. They then calculate the database capacity they need and they Flex up to meet the demand. We have been helping them do this for years.They grow their database resources form 6 nodes to 20+ nodes using a single command.

Scoble: How did Clustrix come to be?
Azevedo: We started with two great founders. One founder came from Isilon, a scale out storage appliance company that was purchased by EMC. The other founder worked at AOL with really big data sets. Both recognized the emerging importance of MySQL in the industry and they saw that MySQL ran into headroom and performance problems and they wanted to do something about it. The two founders built the company around the vision that we could build a great tool that would be a drop-in replacement for MySQL. One that scales both writes and reads with the addition of more hardware. Together they chose to develop a tool that would help the MySQL community scale beyond the traditional ‘one box’ limitation.

Question from Facebook poster Andrea: Is there a one time fee for seasonal scaling?
Azevedo: Clustrix has a unique Flex feature. Let’s say you normally have 6 instances running, but due to holiday season you need to scale up to 24 instances. Clustrix will help you scale your resources and costs appropriately. Clustrix will charge you all year for the 6 and only charge you for the additional 18 nodes during the months you need them.

Scoble: What’s it like being a CEO of a database company?
Azevedo: It’s fun! One of things that makes this job really fun is leading a team of smart, dedicated people to build a better product. It makes the ups and downs of working in tech very interesting.

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About Clustrix

Clustrix provides the leading scale-out relational database engineered for data center or cloud use. ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL and an ideal solution for e-commerce businesses and Web applications that need scale, high availability and flexible capacity.