iOffer Wins Success with Clustrix: From Sharding and Slave Replication to Scale and Flexibility

iOffer, the fastest growing destination for interactive social commerce, needed a way to support its vibrant global community connecting visitors from over 190 countries in every language via millions of item listings. But with a multi-master and many slave replication setup, it wasn’t long before iOffer faced complicated application logic and an ever growing and uneven data load across the different masters and slaves.

iOffer considered sharding, but knew that decision would place more burden on application developers to maintain the relational information across the shards. What iOffer needed was a simple way to grow their business, not fight complicated database scaling challenges.

With Clustrix, iOffer found a way to avoid complex application logic. Because Clustrix clusters are self-healing and self-managing, the application servers talk directly to the cluster via the Clustrix VIP (Virtual IP).

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