Information Superhighway or Super Traffic Jam? Introducing ClustrixDB 8.0

ClustrixDB 8.0, the only MySQL drop-in scale-out database that offers unparalleled scalability, data integrity, and agility in an easy-to-use solution.

When the automobile was first invented, traffic jams were unheard of. But, as more automobiles populated the roads, outdated road infrastructures couldn’t handle increased congestion and traffic slowed. The same thing has happened with the internet. As people increasingly got online, issues of internet speeds and bandwidth abounded. Today however, as people are more and more “always-connected” through their mobile devices, the issues of speed and bandwidth have largely been resolved by the the telcos and ISPs. The bottleneck that’s slowing us all down now? Outdated databases. Mobile usage has now overtaken the desktop 51 to 42 percent. The fact that people can shop, play games and perform other transactions from any location at any time means companies must now be prepared for a lot of concurrent users accessing their sites. And while cloud applications were designed to scale, what’s largely been overlooked is the fact that underlying database infrastructures also need to seriously scale without compromising data integrity.

Data demands today are outstripping the ability of the old relational databases we used to rely on to power applications. With that in mind, we are excited to announce ClustrixDB 8.0, the only true MySQL drop-in scale-out database which combines the best of both NoSQL and SQL databases to offer unparalleled scalability and agility in a highly secure and easy-to-use solution.

Even your Prime delivery truck can get stuck in traffic

Databases are now growing in excess of 40 percent per year, with nearly half of respondents in a recent survey saying that “increases in transactional workloads” and “difficulty in capturing transactions efficiently” are affecting their database performance. Pair this with consumers getting less and less tolerant of slow websites (47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, and time restraints account for a 27 percent of the cart abandonments), and you’re faced with a double whammy!

While you might expect just the smaller companies with limited resources to feel this database “pinch”, the fact that top technology companies have recently experienced very high-profile problems illustrates just how serious and tricky this challenge really is:

  • Amazon sits on top of the food chain in terms of computing infrastructure and retail prowess, but still faced customer frustration with the checkout experience during the recent Amazon Prime Day.
  • And while Pokemon Go has risen to great heights, it’s initial launch was plagued with database-rooted performance issues, locking many players out of the experience.
  • Even ESPN was not immune to glitches due to volume on the first Sunday of the 2016 NFL season!

ClustrixDB 8.0 gets you moving fast again

In answer to rising customer expectations and over-taxed database infrastructure, we have updated ClustrixDB – which was already the fastest and most scalable on the market – with several features to enhance ease of deployment, security, and most importantly: performance.

ClustrixDB now incorporates in-memory processing capabilities, for a 3x performance boost. You’ve probably heard awe-inspiring tales about the speed afforded by in-memory processing. You may not have heard, however, about the compromises in data integrity that have traditionally come along with it as well. We’ve solved these problems and now offer the ability to achieve both ACID compliance while running performance-sensitive tasks in-memory. This opens the door for applying ClustrixDB to a much wider range of HTAP and other applications, including IoT scenarios which require both massive performance and 100 percent data integrity.

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