Got High-Value, High-Transaction Workloads on AWS? Read This Report by ESG.

Have high-transaction workloads? See the test results that prove Clustrix is the right database for you.

We recently put ClustrixDB performance to the test by performing a benchmark against two other SQL databases. ClustrixDB beat the two SQL databases owned and operated by the industry-leading cloud vendors in transactions per second, latency and scalability. After seeing these results, we elected to have Enterprise Service Group (ESG) validate the near-linear performance scalability of ClustrixDB cluster running in AWS.

“Simply put, if you need more performance, just add more nodes,” said Mike Leone, Senior Analyst at ESG.

As the ESG Report will tell you, if you work with high-value, high-transaction workloads, AWS is a great platform and ClustrixDB is the right scalable database for your application to run smoothly and scale as needed.

“For all acceptable measurements, ClustrixDB delivered the most transactions per second, while yielding a predictable performance curve and remaining under the 20-millisecond latency threshold,” said Mike Leone, Senior Analyst, ESG. “This threshold is crucial, as all it takes is a busy time of year to overload database capacity, sending response times through the roof—this can have an immediate impact on the end-user experience, customer loyalty and business revenues.”

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