Get Real-Time Analytics While Processing High-Scale Transactions

Real-Time Analytics

The need for transactional databases that can perform real-time analytics, on the same database, has never been greater than it is today. Consider the following: Since 2010, online advertisers have tripled their use of real-time bidding in display advertising, and in 2013, nearly one in five display dollars will go to ad bids placed in real-time.

Real-time analytics is not just gaining prominence in the online advertising industry. We are seeing its growing value in a variety of segments such as e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, and more.

The global market is growing faster, more competitive and more innovative every day. This means success depends on a company’s ability to run high-speed, real-time analytics while simultaneously processing massive volumes of highly concurrent transactions.

Clustrix has the unique ability to process online transactions and analyze the data in real-time, making it different than other databases available in the Cloud Tools Marketplace.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s look at how some of our customers use Clustrix:

  • EngageBDR, a company that provides a self-service platform for advertisers to run campaigns, uses Clustrix to reduce the time it took for customers to run analytics queries from over four hours to 15 seconds.
  • MedExpert, a company that makes a powerful artificial intelligence healthcare technology, uses Clustrix to achieve query performance gains of 50 percent to 200 percent.

Why Clustrix is Excited to Partner with Rackspace

The Clustrix and Rackspace relationship is now multifaceted. It began over a year ago, when Clustrix deployed a scale-out SQL DBaaS using our clustered database appliance in Rackspace’s Dallas and Chicago data centers. This allowed Clustrix to provide the full value of our physical database appliance to Rackspace managed hosting and cloud customers who wanted secure, low-latency access to a high-throughput, fault-tolerant and self-healing MySQL-compatible database like Clustrix. It also allowed customers to have easy and convenient access to it with a no-OpEx, affordable monthly subscription basis.

Fast forward another year, and we are excited to extend the relationship to the Cloud Tools Marketplace by bringing a new software version of the Clustrix database into Rackspace’s open cloud. Clustrix offers a self-service deployment on clusters of Rackspace Cloud Servers, and do so while remaining 100 percent compatible will Clustrix appliances and DBaaS.

Customers can now have seamless access of the Clustrix database via their application servers. Moreover, they can easily migrate them across the entire value spectrum of Rackspace and Clustrix offerings as their SLAs and the business demands driving them change dynamically over time.

Our customers rely on Rackspace’s top-of-the-line hybrid cloud solutions and look forward to strengthening our partnership with Rackspace in the years to come.


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