Future of the Database: Is SQL Alive? Will Scale-Out Gobble ETL?

With so many exciting new developments in the database space, the team at Clustrix wanted to articulate two main insights about the future of the database, SQL and ETL.

First, the future of the database is scale-out. The primary space is converging around scale-out SQL and scale-out NoSQL. The analytics space has similar scale-out players becoming dominant with Hadoop (NoSQL) and warehousing databases (SQL).

Second, the scale-up to scale-out shift has deep implications. Having multiple databases instead of one database is an overhead expense for most companies. Similarly ETL from a primary database into a warehousing database represents additional cost and implies some latency. Previously companies were forced to make this change because the primary database ran out of resources.

Scale-out can change that situation. A primary database now has the resources to do transactions AND analytics. This capability means that offline-style, ad hoc analytics are possible on real-time data. For many small to mid-size projects/companies, this capability might mean elimination of ETL completely and the simplicity of a single database.


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