Employee Spotlight: Director of Support Nick Lamb

Director of Support Nick Lamb, now in his eighth year with Clustrix, is the longest tenured employee at the company. He has been through every office move, and has worked closely with the original founders of the company. Lamb has been working with computers since childhood, which gives you a better understanding of the expertise he brings to the table. “I have been into computers for as long as I remember,” Lamb explained. “I was a computer science major and graduated from UC Santa Barbara. I really enjoy computer science, and the task of diagnosing and solving all types of hardware and software problems.”

Lamb has been working at Clustrix since before the company had customers. In his earlier role in the company he built the first group of Clustrix nodes by hand. Once the company began to grow, and customers required support, his role changed to helping them solve performance issues and keep their systems up and running.

Now, as Director of Support, Lamb is running the customer support, success and operation teams which are split between multiple locations outside of Clustrix’s San Francisco headquarters. When not working directly on Support issues, Lamb spends his time creating customer-facing documentation and working with Engineering and Sales on issue triage and the product roadmap.

What Lamb loves about his job is that his attention is split between very complex, technical research and communicating with customers, as well as Clustrix’s developers and sales associates. He has to wear multiple hats, which is not easy to do—but Lamb wouldn’t have it any other way. “My role in the company is one that I feel very comfortable with,” Lamb explained. “It requires technical savvy, but also the ability to clearly communicate with clients. I feel like that is a difficult role, and it’s challenging to find people to help with this. That is the type of person we want on our team, though—someone who is technically competent, but also willing to consistently work with others, ask questions and help wherever needed.”

This speaks to Clustrix’s company culture, which is built around teamwork.

“The exciting thing about Clustrix is that we are doing something that is meaningful, interesting and potentially market-changing. The fact that ClustrixDB is a really compelling product is a large part of what has kept me here for such a long time. I’m very inspired by the work that our engineers are doing, and honored to be a part of the team helping to grow and push this product to market. To me, that is a big deal.”

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