Employee Spotlight: Director of Engineering Matt White

For professionals in the technology industry, there inevitably comes a point when you wake up one morning and realize that you need to switch gears—that the work you are doing is no longer fulfilling.

For Clustrix Director of Engineering Matt White, this moment came after years in the network appliances industry, where he worked with devices like core routers and high-speed firewalls. White realized that he needed to jump to a new position where he could offer more value, and feel excited about his role.

It was at this point Matt was directed to Clustrix, and encountered what he referred to as the craziest job posting he had ever seen. “They basically provided me with a list of the hardest problems in computer science,” he explained. “Some of these things I knew how to do…but most I did not.” Instead of feeling intimidated and walking away from the job, however, White saw it as a challenge.

“I looked at the document and realized that these are the types of things I could learn about at this job. That was pretty attractive to me.”

White took the job and has been continuously challenged ever since.

This hard-working, can-do attitude is essentially a prerequisite for success at Clustrix. The ones who prove to be most successful here are those who start with their sleeves rolled up, ready to tackle new challenges. Most jobs require not only a degree of technical mastery, but also a desire to take on higher-level challenges, and to grow as a professional.

“I was definitely in over my head when I first started” said White “this is hard stuff, and we try to be honest about this with new hires. It really is difficult. We know it is, and so we make allowances to account for it. It will take you three to six months before you are really up to speed, and a solid year before you have a strong grasp on the material.”

White was quick to point out that the company makes a concerted effort to avoid drowning new hires and will typically start them slow, even pairing them with senior developers for a short time.

Another attractive thing that White mentioned about working at Clustrix is the number of options that new hires have regarding their assignments. Don’t expect to be working on a project for too long.

“We like to have employees make meaningful changes, step back, analyze their work and move on to something else,” he said. “This [strategy] provides more opportunities, and we find that it helps workers be more successful in the long run.”

White went on to talk about some of the things he loves most about working at Clustrix. He was quick to mention the fact that Clustrix is a small team, so employees are asked to wear a variety of hats. This provides greater learning opportunities.

What’s more, the company’s small size means that more people get to work on interesting problems more often. Going to work for a large company like Google, for instance, often requires putting in years of grunt work before the compelling stuff comes your way. At Clustrix, there are fewer employees and no shortage of technical challenges to be spread around.

Does this sound like an environment that you would thrive in? Learn more about how you could benefit from a career at Clustrix.