Easily Scaling Out and In to Meet Seasonal Demand

Most businesses have a “busy season”—the time of year their employees are tearing their hair out trying to keep items stocked in warehouses and on shelves. Customers are eagerly buying whatever’s left, and the shipping department can’t imagine sealing another box. For many businesses, that’s the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when retailers come out of the red and into the black. For others, such as garden centers, it’s likely the first few weeks of Spring, when everyone’s looking to get their lawn and garden in perfect condition. For florists, there are peaks for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

E-commerce companies that host their servers on-premise or in a data center are usually ready for the peaks, but can’t take advantage online of the valleys; during slower periods, their expensive servers sit idle until the next sales peak. Even companies that host their online servers in the cloud may not be taking full advantage of the ability to scale out and back in; although it’s touted as a benefit of choosing the cloud, many businesses may think the process is too difficult, takes too long, or the savings are not worth the effort.

However, the ability to flexibly scale capacity out and back in is a key benefit to doing business in the cloud, which is why solutions based on NewSQL, such as ClustrixDB, are particularly attractive to businesses that seek to accommodate fluctuating data loads. Whereas a typical scale-up solution means increasing the capacity of the existing database servers, the ability to scale out horizontally distributes the database across more servers instead.

Scaling horizontally is easy with ClustrixDB. Whether your peak season is in November or May, you need solutions that can quickly and easily scale out and in to keep your business running at optimum speed. Learn more about how ClustrixDB helps the world’s largest businesses meet their scalability needs head-on.