E-Commerce Retailers: Here’s How You Tell You’re Not in the Big Leagues

In 1994, website owners were able to get by with low-quality, wonky sites because their audience wasn’t really too concerned with user experience. The fact that a website was loading at all—albeit pixel by pixel—was impressive enough.

Website users have certainly grown to expect a heck of a lot more during the last 20 years.

For starters, your customers expect your site to load at lightning-fast speeds. Believe it or not, nearly half of consumers expect websites to load within two seconds, according to data from KISSmetrics. And two out of every five customers will abandon a webpage altogether if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

In the world of e-commerce, these numbers can have crippling implications. According to a recent report, a staggering 70 percent of digital shopping carts are left full and abandoned. Why? Shoppers are turned off by slow load times and worry that transactions might not go through.

These days, there’s no shortage of robust e-commerce platforms out there. As such, you can’t really afford to neglect the upkeep of your own. Rather, you should strive to ensure your website is masterfully designed and is functioning smoothly so that your customers won’t have to deal with the frustrations that result from a site that loads too slowly or one plagued with glitches.

Luckily, there’s a quick fix to ensuring a smoothly operating website that handles e-commerce transactions reliably: ClustrixDB.

A scale-out cloud database that was designed specifically with e-commerce in mind, ClustrixDB enables your site to accommodate large traffic spikes with ease while ensuring an optimal experience. What’s more, the cloud database also ensures ACID-compliant transactions, meaning your customers will always be able to buy with confidence.

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