Today’s Cover Story: How to Boost Your E-commerce Performance

iMedia Cover Story: How to Boost Your E-Commerce Performance

Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix, offers advice to e-commerce merchants and providers alike in today’s cover story on iMedia Connection, “How to boost your e-commerce performance.” A short list of questions and answers provide readers precise insight into the simple steps they can take, or should at least consider taking, to cost-effectively gain a competitive edge in the cutthroat e-commerce market. Statistics of revenue loss and abandoned carts drive the point home that a site that isn’t optimized has longer-lasting implications that one lost sale.

“With dwindling attention spans and far less patience on the part of customers, any site performance issue that causes a delay — even one so slight that it might have been acceptable a few years ago — can be enough to induce them to go to another source for their purchase. This means that to an increasing degree, the ability to ensure that your e-commerce site runs flawlessly can be one of your biggest competitive differentiators…”

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