ClustrixDB for Ad Tech: 60,000 Transactions per Second

Powering Digital Marketing Technology

Just how does one illustrate the power of a database to process 60,000 transactions every second? In advance of our presentation at eXelate’s Vendor Showcase in New York, at which we’ll show off ClustrixDB’s role in powering eXelate’s digital marketing data technology services, we’ve been struggling to come up with a visual that will convey the magnitude of that figure. Research suggests that the human visual system can process roughly sixty frames per second, one one thousandth of the rate ClustrixDB is processing transactions. A 60hz strobe light might give the audience some frame of reference for conceptualizing 60,000 transactions per second, but it may also make them feel rather ill. The truth is that ClustrixDB operates at scales that are quite hard for human beings to comprehend, but that are necessary for processing.

Who Not to Hire for Your Chocolate Factory

While eXelate, a Nielsen company, is now successfully deriving insights from massive volumes of digital marketing data, the picture has not always been so rosy for dealing with such data volumes. The challenge that has faced databases in the past is reminiscent of the notorious scene from I Love Lucy in which Lucy and Ethel go to work at a chocolate factory and soon find that their processing rate for packaging chocolate is no match for the speed set by their tyrannical supervisor. They soon find themselves overwhelmed, and chocolate ends up all sorts of places it’s not meant to go.

While the possibilities for televisual humor are perhaps more limited with the database analogue, the same problem can happen with relational databases that can’t scale quickly and easily. Everything may be going along swimmingly until demands on the database undermine performance, and something has to give.

Getting the Chocolate in the Right Places

ClustrixDB’s ACID compliance ensures that every transaction goes off without comedic hitches, even at massive transaction volumes; because when valuable transactions are at stake, there is little that’s funny when things go wrong.

Incidentally, eXelate’s parent company Nielsen rated I Love Lucy the number one show for the 1952-53 season in which that episode appeared, and today eXelate is continuing the Nielsen tradition of offering actionable insights with a focus on digital marketing. We’re proud to be a part of that story.