ClustrixDB 7.0: An Early Holiday Gift for E-Commerce

Introducing ClustrixDB 7.0

While the holiday shopping season is months away for most people, in e-commerce the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. In the spirit of giving, We’re excited to let you know about ClustrixDB 7.0, the newest version of the first scale-out relational database designed to meet high-volume online transaction needs. When we first introduced ClustrixDB several years ago, we effectively redefined what could be accomplished with a relational database in terms of elasticity. With a scale-out, shared-nothing ACID-compliant architecture that massively scales both reads and writes, and can be deployed in any cloud or data center, ClustrixDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL for Web applications that need scale, high availability, and flexibility.

But, today’s data challenges are anything but static, and the folks at Clustrix have been working like elves to stay ahead of the curve. ClustrixDB 7.0 takes it to the next level with 30 percent on-average performance improvements, an enhanced “Flex” option, and new statistics to better understand workload and query times. This solves a conundrum that site admins deal with on a yearly basis—paying for the resources needed over the holidays (or other seasonal traffic spikes), without having to pay for them when they really aren’t needed.

In a phrase, 7.0 allows you to easily and economically adjust database capacity to handle steep fluctuations in demand. I hope this will come as something of an early Christmas present to those at e-commerce companies that are tasked with ensuring that your site is ready for the massive uptick in traffic that all merchants wish for during this critical time of year.

Focusing on an exciting future

These are exciting times for online retail—possibilities are opening up that simply did not exist until now. With the NRF predicting non-store sales growth by as much as 10 percent, you need to focus on those possibilities, building meaningful relationships with customers, and making sure they find value every time they interact with your site. Every minute you have to worry about slowdowns, downtime or any other form of delay detracts from your ability to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities at hand. With ClustrixDB 7.0, you don’t have to think about the engine under the hood—you get the exact scale and speed that you need, exactly when you need it.

Pay for heating in July? We don’t think so!

You don’t have to pay a heating bill in July, nor should you have to pay for Black Friday-level capacity in the off-season. Version 7.0 makes the ClustrixDB Flex option even easier to leverage, so that you can add multiple servers of additional capacity to your cluster to handle peak holiday workloads with just a few clicks, and then scale back down post-holiday.

The Best of Both Worlds: ACID-compliant SQL, Cloud Scalability

With traditional relational databases, the scalability that the cloud offers and the reliability of ACID-compliant SQL are at odds. Traditional databases only scale “up,” which means moving to a larger instance, while the cloud is optimized to scale “out”, which means adding additional database servers. While traditional relational databases can deploy a read slave(s), this tactic only allows scaling of ‘reads.’ It does nothing to improve the performance of the ‘writes’, which are critical to the overall performance of your site and, consequently, the customer satisfaction of your e-commerce store.

ClustrixDB gives the ability to scale-out both reads and writes with incremental additions of hardware, in NoSQL fashion, with no changes to the application; all while retaining the ACID and relational power of a SQL database. Add to that the fact ClustrixDB is the only scale-out SQL database that can be deployed in any cloud—including Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, ZeroLag and AWS—and you’ve got all the ducks in a row for a great 2015 holiday shopping season!