Clustrix Proudly Welcomes Charles Carmel to Its Board of Directors

Each member of Clustrix’s board of directors brings a unique background and ability to drive Clustrix forward in today’s business and technology landscapes. For successful technology investor, executive and adviser Charles Carmel, becoming part of Clustrix’s board was a natural fit.

As a tech executive boasting nearly 20 years of experience, Carmel started his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He later spent over a decade at Cisco where he led worldwide acquisition and venture capital strategy and was most recently a partner and managing director at prominent private equity firm Warburg Pincus.

Although early on he gained ample experience in the financial sector, Carmel always had an interest in technology, which stayed with him through the decades. “I fell in love with technology early on and decided that was the path I wanted to pursue,” he explained in a recent interview, adding that analytics, data center management and cloud computing are particular interests. “No matter where I was working, whether it was investment banking, corporate America or private equity, technology has always been the common thread in my career.”

Carmel had the chance to indulge his interest in technology by serving as vice president of Corporate Development at Cisco, where he led more than 30 acquisitions and helped Cisco successfully enter and scale businesses in a number of adjacent market categories.

His passion for technology, coupled with his excellent strategic vision and experience in growth stage companies make Carmel a perfect candidate to help lead a company he has watched for years from afar.

“I have always been impressed by Clustrix,” Carmel explained. “I find what Clustrix is doing in the area of next-generation scale out databases and cloud optimized performance to be extremely interesting and dynamic; the company is truly a pioneer and transformer in its market.”

As a new board member, Carmel intends to leverage his expertise and experience to continue elevating Clustrix as a leader in its space. “My knowledge gives me an interesting perspective, which I can use to guide Clustrix. I plan to infuse fresh perspective into its business model, market focus and strategic vision,” he said.

“As Clustrix continues to evolve and change, I can offer quite a lot as to how the company can scale and competitively navigate its market. I am elated to become part of Clustrix’s board of directors and excited to help the company succeed at the next level.”