Clustrix named a Top 20 Enterprise Software Vendor by SiliconIndia Magazine

Clustrix Earns Spot on SiliconIndia Magazine’s List of “Top 20 Enterprise Software Vendors”

Here’s what SiliconIndia Magazine had to say about why Clustrix made the list:

“Clustrix’ unique advantage derives from an innovative shared-nothing, fully distributed relational database architecture, which includes Intelligent data distribution, automatic data distribution for horizontal scale-out and inherent fault tolerance MPP query evaluation, and revolutionary massively parallel processing for all query types.

Clustrix fulfills the critical requirements for the modern, scale-out relational database—delivery of real-time, high integrity transactions at high concurrency without costly and complex scale-up or predatory licensing from legacy vendors.

Companies can start with Clustrix for less operating cost than a single DBA, scale at 1/3 the cost of a custom sharding implementation, and operate at 1/10 the cost of an equivalent Oracle Exadata configuration.”

Why Big Data Matters

It’s no wonder that Clustrix’s scale-out SQL relational database is getting attention. The IDC reports the Big Data market will soar to $16.9 billion within the next few years, and the growth rate in unstructured data will rise 80% over what it was just a few years ago. Today’s Big Data applications demand a modern scale-out relational database that allows companies to scale their databases quickly without limits, and Clustrix provides just that.

Robin Purohit, CEO of Clustrix, is excited about this recognition. “We’re honored to be named a top 20 software vendor by one of the leading tech pubs in India. As more and more companies fuel their business with new Big Data applications, Clustrix is rapidly becoming the database of choice to deliver radical scale with radical simplicity.”

SiliconIndia Magazine was launched as a print technology magazine based in New York, NY, in 1997, and today the magazine is headquartered in Bangalore and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Fremont, CA.