Clustrix on Database Trends and Applications 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data

The staff of DBTA recently released their list of the 100 companies that matter in data today – and Clustrix made the list! The list focuses on companies that cater to data management, but other than that, the list represents a variety of businesses today. It doesn’t matter whether a company has been around the block or is just leaving the driveway – it makes the list when it makes a difference in data.

According to DBTA, “Some of the companies have been around longer than any of us can remember. They provide technologies and services that have been on the market for many years and do so exceptionally well. Others are new on the scene or have game-changing approaches that are not yet widely embraced.”

We’re glad for this recognition, but we’ve known for a while that we’re changing the data game (not that we’re biased…). But really – we believe that the ability to run real-time analytics on your data while simultaneously running high volume transactions is a critical offering in a primary database. It’s what enables the dating site to run billions of transactions a day, and what lets Adscience leverage five days of click history in 120 milliseconds.

What technologies do you think should have made the list?