Clustrix 5.0 Performance Benchmark and Analysis


Announcing our newest release, Clustrix 5.0. Clustrix 5.0 is for data-driven businesses that require blazingly fast real-time analytics on operational data. Clustrix 5.0 is a row-based SQL database designed to bring Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) to analytic queries on operational data. The same near-linear scalability Clustrix has previously brought to OLTP workloads is now achievable for analytics. Simply add nodes to scale the system and cut the time to process analytic queries. This scale-out analytics is achieved with innovative distributed aggregates and OLAP fan-out technologies, where multiple cores across multiple nodes work in parallel on analytic queries. Analytic query performance can improve by 25x, and up to 1000x in some cases.

In order to demonstrate how Clustrix scales performance, we’ve designed a series of tests that demonstrate how the system performs on different workloads with additional nodes. While Clustrix has evaluated the system across many different benchmarks (e.g. TPC-C, etc.), the tests are designed to address the core problems present in each workload while maintaining enough simplicity so that others may reproduce our results.