China E-Commerce Market to Hit $1 trillion by 2019

Typically when analysts and media outlets discuss large revenue growth and market expansion in a given vertical or country, they talk in terms of millions or billions of dollars. But soon enough, talk of e-commerce in China will be discussed in terms of trillions, as a new report from Forrester estimates that the market will be worth $1 trillion by 2019.

China has been the largest online retail market in the world since 2013, and the accelerated expansion Forrester is predicting over the next several years will be driven largely by mobile growth. As the market balloons, e-commerce businesses will surely look to attract customers and increase revenues by seizing market share in the world’s most populated country.

While China and other emerging markets represent huge opportunities for retailers, creating a sustainable revenue stream in these areas will depend largely on the databases behind their e-commerce sites. Just as in any new market, customers’ experiences will largely dictate the business winners and losers and, for e-commerce businesses, nothing is more important for customer service than an optimally performing website. A scalable database will be particularly critical for businesses entering rapidly growing markets, as the traffic to their sites could potentially multiply quickly.

Unfortunately, that kind of traffic spike can be problematic with a traditional scale-up relational database. In such an environment, when a MySQL write-master is scaled to capacity the site will inevitably begin to experience performance issues and potentially even downtime. At that point the business is left with complex and expensive options like replatforming or sharding.

Conversely, a NewSQL database with a shared-nothing architecture allows for seamless scalability and optimal site performance—even during enormous traffic spikes. This kind of scale-out architecture makes adding capacity easy by automatically adding servers in the cloud when traffic dictates while simultaneously maintaining ACID compliance.

For those e-commerce businesses that are looking to become major players in fast-growing markets like China, that scalability, availability and performance could make all the difference.