Can You Hear Me Now . . . ?

Cloud computing, big data, and real-time analytics are quickly transforming how business is done—not only in the office, but also on the farm. Taggle Systems uses ClustrixDB to record and analyze data for livestock, utility meters, and irrigation across large-scale installations in Australia.

With Taggle’s low-cost, long-range, low-power tags (custom chips), users can monitor and transmit data (as a ping) periodically into a network of extremely sensitive custom receivers. This data is then analyzed and transmitted to the end user via the Internet or mobile phone.

Livestock Location

Ranchers attach Taggle tags to the ears of cattle, and a network of receivers can collect data from the tags over a large geographic area. This data is used to:

  • Reduce livestock theft (rustlers beware!) and locate lost stock
  • Identify health problems early based on analysis of wandering patterns
  • Improve pasture management by analyzing grazing patterns

Cattle rustling was not just a problem of the Wild West in 1800s America—it still occurs, especially in wide open rangeland that is difficult to patrol. High-tech Taggle tags are an important tool for ranchers to keep track of their cattle and reduce losses from theft (without the help of the Lone Ranger).

In addition, Taggle tags enable ranchers to monitor both herd and pasture health remotely, so they can more easily identify livestock that needs hands-on help and land that needs attention so it can provide adequate forage.

Taggles can also be used to track tools and equipment, and can detect open gates and stock water levels.

Utility Meters and Irrigation and Soil Monitoring

Utility meters with Taggle technology send periodic data about water flow and patterns to users, so water usage can be analyzed and anomalies such as leaks can be found. Irrigation meters and soil probes enable farmers to monitor the volume of irrigation water as well as the soil moisture, so irrigation adjustments can be targeted and farmers can be warned if anomalies such as irrigation failure occur.

Lots of Data and Real-Time Analytics

The data from Taggle tags on cattle or from Taggle technology on utilities needs to constantly be received and stored. This data also needs to be analyzed in real time to find patterns or any anomalies. If your cattle are getting stolen or an irrigation pump is malfunctioning, finding out next day isn’t all that useful.

Taggle chose ClustrixDB software and deployed it in the Rackspace cloud. ClustrixDB allows Taggle to store high volumes of incoming data and perform real-time analytics on the data at the same time. Depending on Taggle’s scale of installation and growth needs, ClustrixDB allows Taggle to simply add servers to grow the database with no manual work.

Ivan Di Giusto, IT architect at Taggle, said, “The ClustrixDB solution, combined with cloud servers, allows me to stop worrying about scaling and redundancy. DBA workload has dropped 75%, freeing up resources to focus on delivering value to our customers.”