Is Your Brand Ready for Cyber Monday?

Last year, e-commerce retailers hauled in an impressive $2.29 billion on Cyber Monday, a 15.7 percent bump up from the prior year.

In 2014, as even more customers employ their tablets and smartphones to search out the best deals, those numbers will increase. In fact, mobile devices accounted for $419 million of Cyber Monday sales last year, good enough for 18 percent of the total digital take.

Perhaps most impressively, the m-commerce slice of the e-commerce pie grew by more than 50 percent from 2012 to 2013. Thanks to the evolution of technology and the proliferation of faster networks, that number too is expected to increase this year.

The point is that there will be no shortage of traffic to e-commerce sites this Cyber Monday. But before you celebrate, make sure your site is ready to handle whatever spikes come your way.

Any downtime that day would be a disaster for a retailer, as Mike Azevedo, CEO of Clustrix, explains: “As many online businesses would like a considerable portion of their revenue to stem from Cyber Monday, even a minute of website downtime or lag time is not acceptable.” To ensure that your site can easily process all of the traffic that comes your way, you need to make sure that your e-commerce platform is built on capable technology. Whereas most e-commerce platforms are built on traditional MySQL databases, those databases have their limits. In fact, your site will certainly grind to a halt at a certain threshold. On the other hand, a scale-out cloud database allows your business to grow linearly, easily absorbing whatever traffic comes its way.

Clustrix designed the first scale-out cloud database built solely with e-commerce in mind: ClustrixDB. Providing easy flex-up and flex-down capability, 100% fault-tolerance, and plug-in MySQL capability, ClustrixDB gives the e-commerce provider the confidence to ‘rest easy’ during peaks like Cyber Monday.

Why else would you consider upgrading to ClustrixDB? Keep in mind that it only takes one poor experience for your customers to take their business elsewhere. Think about it: Let’s say one of your customers has had her eye on one of your products for quite some time. She has been waiting patiently for Cyber Monday, hoping to get the item at a discounted price. But when the day finally arrives and she logs on to your platform, the site’s not functioning properly; transactions can’t be completed. Imagine just how frustrating this unexpected turn of events is for her, so much so that she is apt to look at your competitors’ offerings instead.

In addition to ensuring an optimal customer experience by guaranteeing a properly functioning website, ClustrixDB gives businesses the ability to perform concurrent analytics, too. So they’re able to make more targeted sales, tweaking campaigns in real time to realize maximum results.

“Using customers’ demographic information, shopping history, etc., even the smallest e-commerce company can create a personalized, relevant shopping experience for their customers, providing targeted offers and promotions at an individual level,” Azevedo says.

Cyber Monday is a huge day for any e-commerce retailer. By taking the proactive steps to ensure your site’s ready for what’s sure to be a sizable influx of traffic, you won’t limit your brand’s ceiling on that day. In other words, you’ll make the most out of your opportunities, and your bottom line will be that much healthier as a result.

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