Black Friday/Cyber Monday Recap

Whew, we made it! Cyber Monday 2014 is retreating in the rearview mirror, and just before we set our sights firmly on 2015, let’s take a moment to recap…

How did e-commerce sites do this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend?

Historically representing a huge spike in sales, the Black Friday/Cyber-Monday weekend offers e-commerce sites the promise of huge sales, along with the perils of overwhelming traffic. As long as your site stays up, e-commerce merchants reap the benefits of this seasonal ‘nouveau tradition’.

However, if your site suffer slowdowns, delays or even outages, the promised largesse quickly turns into a marketing disaster. In the internet age, your customers won’t simply shift to another e-commerce site; they’ll often take a few moments to broadcast on social media their disappointment in your e-commerce site’s performance, and perhaps even your brand itself.

Cyber Monday

Other large e-commerce sites suffering bad performance and site outages included Best Buy, Staples, Sears and Costco. So what can we conclude from this?

Even though Black Friday/Cyber-Monday shatters all records year after year, most e-commerce sites continue to not be sufficiently prepared for the onslaught of site traffic. That isn’t saying they’re doing nothing; most large e-commerce sites have invested in their infrastructure, tried to create more flexibility and responsiveness for their mobile customers, and attempted to scale their back-end database.

For the record, even Amazon experienced some problems.

On the flip side, some sites were prepared for the peaks, and sailed through Black Friday/Cyber-Monday with huge increases in sales (more to come!), and no performance delays.

Both nomorerack and Masterbuilt have ClustrixDB deployed as their back-end database, and both were able to effortlessly scale-out their server capacity in advance of Black Friday/Cyber-Monday, and reaped the rewards.

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