Back to School: Is Your Database Ready?

It’s amazing how it seems to come faster every year—those cooler nights and shorter days—but it’s time to finally admit to ourselves: Summer is winding down. And that means more traffic on your e-commerce site. As students across the country get ready to go back to school, from the wee ones in kindergarten to those seeking their degrees in higher education, e-commerce retailers that sell anything from clothing to school supplies to books can expect a corresponding increase in traffic to their websites.

As well, thanks to the continued proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, more people are connected at more times than ever before. This increased connectivity could result in more people shopping on your e-commerce site than has happened in the past.

Is your e-commerce platform ready to handle the additional traffic? If you haven’t given your website an upgrade recently, this period of summer calm (before the impending school-year storm) might well be the perfect time for you to assess its capabilities and perform any necessary upgrades, maintenance or cleansing.

If you’re not ready to handle the traffic, you may miss out on selling opportunities. After all, any lag or perceived bugginess on your website will likely discourage your customers from continuing to try to use it.

Thanks to the rise of new technology, however, any increase in traffic can be smoothly handled. If your MySQL performance has been noticeably wonky, it might be time to leverage a NewSQL cloud database with scale-out functionality. In doing so, your e-commerce platform will be able to handle the many back-to-school shoppers that visit your site.

You need to create a positive customer experience in every instance, and as such, you can’t roll the dice on the integrity and functionality of your e-commerce platform. Learn more about ClustrixDB, a scale-out NewSQL cloud database.