Have You Seen our Latest Customer Success Video with AOL?


We’re excited to showcase our newest customer success video with AOL – one of our first customers. In this video, Dan Pollack, Senior Operations Architect at AOL, explains how Clustrix makes it possible for AOL to maintain application growth without limits, not to mention eliminates the pains associated with database maintenance, performance and scalability issues, and sharding.

In a sentence, “Clustrix implementation is the difference between our application working and not working.”

The AOL HSS database serves files for about 65 million web pages a day. Before Clustrix, they struggled to keep up with the workload they needed to keep their application stable. They tried sharding – their database infrastructure consisted of four shards spread across ten machines and each shard consisted of a production master, a backup master, a set of read slaves, and an admin database – but AOL knew they ultimately needed “the stability and the availability that Clustrix provides.”

After moving to Clustrix, AOL has sped up its slowest queries from over an hour on MySQL to less than one second on Clustrix, can now scrub the entire HSS data set in 1.5 days, and can perform a variety of tasks online and automatically that other technologies require disruption in order to implement.

That isn’t the whole reason why AOL chose Clustrix. Watch the full video to learn more about how AOL gained database performance and scale with Clustrix.