Announcing the Clustrix User Interface 4.0

After months of design and implementation, we are excited to announce the release of the Clustrix User Interface 4.0 — a unified user interface that provides essential real-time insight for Developers, DBAs, and Operations.

We spent a considerable amount of time in the design phase deciding what information to present. With the extensive metrics natively (and inexpensively) collected by the database, we were faced with something of an embarrassment of riches; but a wealth of data is not the same as useful information. The fundamental questions are:

  • What metrics are useful to our customers in mission-critical environments?
  • How do we present these in an understandable and actionable way?
  • We’ve tackled these questions together with our customers, and I think the result is a user interface that’s comprehensive, efficient, and streamlined for the user’s needs —whether he/she is a DBA, developer, or in operations.
  • Comprehensive: Clustrix collects a ton of information about the database (2,500+ built-in metrics)that enables you to detect trends long before they become problems. The critical metrics for most environments are clearly visualized at a high-level; but we also enable exploration of deep stats on the health and performance of the database—both real-time and historical. This oneinterface enables quick problem resolution.
  • Efficient Design: Clustrix collects the mountain of real-time data about your system in a lightweight fashion. This is in contrast to many typical monitoring tools or solutions, which are glommed on to existing products or are cobbled together to provide a lot of information without depth or easy-to-access specifics.
  • Streamlined for the needs of DBAs, Ops and Developers: The Clustrix UI was designed by an expert team that prioritized the information that you need to have at your fingertips at first glance.  For ops, we wanted to have everything you need to know about the health of your system at-a-glance. For developers, we enabled real-time and historical insight into queries so that you can closely monitor their performance, and how this performance changes over time.

If you want to try the user interface for yourself, request a trial.