Announcing the Limited Preview of Clustrix 5.0 on Amazon Web Services

SQL Database Clustrix Announces Preview of Latest Version 5.0 in the AWS Marketplace

The move to cloud computing is changing the face of the computer industry, and at the heart of this change is Big Data and the scale-out platforms that enable it. As demand grows, applications add new computing nodes, and each additional node adds capacity to serve more clients. Vertica, Hadoop and other databases are great for analytics, but the problem of scaling your primary SQL database remains.

AWS does not provide any real options if you want your primary SQL database to scale and perform well beyond 1TB and there is the added overhead of managing replicas and failover. Developers have tried NoSQL or sharding, re-inventing and tweaking database functionality rather than focusing on their business. Many developers have refrained from moving their primary data stores to AWS, starting instead with peripheral projects.

Clustrix is excited to announce the release of Clustrix 5.0 database on AWS. Clustrix gives you linear scale and simplifies cloud operations so you can focus on innovation. We are the only distributed transactional SQL database on AWS that scales to terabytes of data.

Clustrix is the right database for your cloud application because:

  • We are plug and play – making it easy for you to set up, manage and maintain.
  • Clustrix handles distribution of data automatically – we split your database tables and maintain copies.
  • To scale, just add more nodes. You get linear scalability for reads, writes and analytic queries.
  • On failure, Clustrix will keep running and automatically heal itself.
  • We are a drop-in replacement for MySQL regardless of whether you have already sharded your data.
  • Our distributed query processing means you can run analytics queries on your primary database.

If Clustrix solves the problem of scale, when is the right time to start using it? Using Clustrix from the beginning, before you start feeling the pain of scale, is the best approach. You can take advantage of the simplicity of operations and high availability that makes Clustrix like MySQL on steroids. And when your business hits that growth curve, your application will keep working. You won’t have to move your database at crunch time.

Starting with Clustrix on AWS also gives you the option to seamlessly move to our DBaaS offerings or our Flash-based appliance, which leverages a fast Infiniband interconnect and SSDs to deliver even faster performance. Public or private cloud, Clustrix works everywhere.

With just a few clicks, you can be up and running on Clustrix. We look forward to helping you scale in the cloud.


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