How Adscience Gained Peak Performance and Linear Scale at a Low TCO

Adscience, a leading marketing accountability solution provider, found a better way.

A poorly managed database can deal your business a deathblow.  Slow response times, inflexibility, and the inability to scale as your business grows can put a grinding halt to your applications – and in a world where competition is fierce for every customer, you can’t afford downtime or a poor user experience. Dumping money on the problem doesn’t work.  Buying more boxes or undertaking complex sharding projects add up to high costs and no real solutions. In this webinar, learn how Adscience leveraged database best practices and new technologies to stay lean and still gain performance, scale, and a superior end user experience – all at a low total cost of ownership.

In this best practices webinar, learn how Adscience:

  • Optimized their database design to avoid a show stopping single point of failure.
  • Found and fixed inefficiencies that threatened to take their database down.
  • Increased their end users data by five times.
  • Overcame their scaling challenge without the pain of sharding.
  • Assessed NoSQL vs. NewSQL and selected the best solution to meet their needs – and found out that “free” was too expensive.