8 Cool Things You Can Do With Clustrix on AWS

Clustrix has changed the way businesses scale transactions and run real-time analytics, but the benefits of Clustrix don’t stop there. Clustrix was engineered from the ground up to reinvent and dramatically improve the way SQL relational databases handle the demands of today’s high volume data workloads.

Our most recent advancement has been the release of Clustrix 5.0 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For companies seeking scale and performance for terabytes of data, Clustrix is the only scale-out SQL database available on AWS that allows you to scale transactions and run real-time analytics on the same database.

Here are eight awesome things you can do with Clustrix 5.0 on AWS:

1. Get easy database scale

Set up your Clustrix database with just a few clicks, and simply add nodes as your database needs to grow. No downtime, no code changes, and no configuration – just plug and play.

2. Scale transactions

When you have large datasets 100GB+ to terabytes and need to serve more queries than a single machine can support, Clustrix on AWS is here for you. One customer of ours used six Clustrix nodes to run 40k+ TPS of real workloads with a mix of simple and complex transactions.

See how Clustrix enabled Massive Media’s site Twoo to go from concept to launch in less than six months, and from zero to over four million users in less than one year.

3. Run fast, real-time analytics

Clustrix uses Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) that uses multiple servers and multiple cores within each server to process OLAP queries. Our multi-version concurrency control ensures that analytic queries never interfere with writes, which means you can run real-time analytics and transactions at the same time and save on the cost of deployment and maintenance of a separate analytic database.

4. Simplify operations

Unlike shortsighted strategies such as database sharding, Clustrix does not have complex write master and read slave setup. When you lose a node, you simply add another node—you don’t have to promote or set up additional slaves. In case of load imbalance, the Clustrix rebalancer takes care of it.

5. Set up disaster recovery

Clustrix lets you set up replications across geographies for disaster recovery, and you can set it up as either master/slave or multi-master. Clustrix also supports fast parallel backup, which allows you to perform fast backup irrespective of the number of nodes.

6. Achieve high availability

Clustrix maintains multiple copies of each piece of data within a cluster. So, if you happen to lose a node, the cluster stays available and the lost copies are simply regenerated. Clustrix also stays available through node additions.

7. Develop with agility

Clustrix provides online schema changes, meaning you can change your schema, like add columns, while your database is running. This means you can iteratively develop your database scheme and add features without downtime.

8. Never hit a performance limit

If you want even more performance than Clustrix on AWS, than it’s simple to set up a direct connect to the Clustrix appliance within a cloud environment. This gives you a vertically integrated solution for optimal performance using a fast InfiniBand interconnect. If you want to move to the private cloud, Clustrix has multiple options for that as well.