MySQL-compatible cloud database cost comparison

As a database vendor whose drop-in MySQL replacement database runs on-premise and on any cloud, we are often asked by our customers to guide them through a MySQL-compatible cloud database cost comparison. For this process, we have learned it is important to compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of […]

Clustrix 9 brings new features to the leading scale-out SQL database built specifically for OLTP applications

Last fall, we announced that our most recent generally-available release, ClustrixDB 9, supports deploying a single database across multiple AWS Availability Zones (AZs). With this release, Clustrix continues its commitment to provide application developers with both scale and high-availability so they don’t have to choose one over the other. Clustrix 9 […]

Google Cloud Platform Price Performance for Scale-out Database Deployment

For years the Clustrix performance lab has been conducting performance benchmarks to assure ClustrixDB maintains its linear scalability in multiple environments, including the cloud. It’s been public knowledge for a while that ClustrixDB performs very well on Amazon Web Services (AWS), even scaling better than Aurora on AWS, particularly for […]

Metro Area Clustering: Deployment and Configuration

This is the second blog in our series about ClustrixDB 9’s new Zones feature that supports creating Metro Area Clusters. If you missed the first blog “Database Metro Area Clustering Across Data Centers”, we recommend giving it a read since it provides a great overview of Metro Area Clustering. In this […]

Database Metro Area Clustering Across Data Centers

Data integrity, high availability, and easy disaster recovery have always been a major requirement of our ClustrixDB customers. Their OLTP applications are mission-critical and often customer- or consumer-facing, which makes the acceptable margin for error virtually nil. Over the years we have brought a variety of innovations to market to […]